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Tummy Fat

Tummy fat is also known as abdominal obesity which is central obesity clinically. This is the type of fat that surrounds the stomach which may harm a person and cause unhealthy medical conditions. Tummy fat can be reduced with cosmetic tummy surgery. Tummy tuck in Chicago will improve the shape of the abdomen. Surgery can make the abdomen shapelier as performed by board certified plastic surgeon Dr Speron.

In our olden days, most aged people will get an increase in tummy fat. In recent years, it is almost a greater concern however for even the younger and middle aged people, especially for woman after the pregnancies where abdominal fat, excess skin and stretch marks tend to increase. At one point in time, women might have to accept these changes largely due to having had kids or being postmenopausal. Another trend seen worldwide is increasing waistlines, less exercise, more stress, poor nutrition and huge health risks.

So tummy fat is a problem for many people. Tummy fat can be removed with surgery for a possibility at a healthier life but most plastic surgeons warn that patients have to be motivated to also follow a strict regimen of improving nutrition and regular exercise to maintain their results and health benefits. People may find a tremendous amount of difficulty once they become even mildly obese. Obesity may lead to many diseases like heart disease, hypertension, insulin resistance, and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 etc. Surgery is not always the answer. In many patients it can be a viable alternative.

Dr Speron has a wealth of experience in handling tummy fat reduction with and without surgery. He uses advanced surgery techniques for removal of tummy fat. The patient can undergo surgery if they are deemed a good candidate. Tummy tuck in recent years has shown an increase among woman’s. The surgery can be performed at an affordable cost. If you are not a surgical candidate, there are some newer nonsurgical options Dr Speron can discuss with you.