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Belly Tummy Tuck

Belly tummy tuck surgery is done mostly to remove the excess fat and tighten the muscles in the abdominal wall. This surgery is done based on the skin conditions of the individuals who are undergoing the tummy tuck surgery. The majority of tummy tuck procedures are done on an outpatient basis. A belly tummy tuck procedure is also performed as an outpatient. Some patient might feel more comfortable in performing the surgery in the hospital, and that can also be done but the cost for the facility fee is usually a tad higher. About tummy tuck will improve the abdomen structure by removing excess skin.

Dr Speron’s Belly tummy tucks surgery includes

  • Surface fat above the abdominal wall is predominantly removed
  • Relieves back strain while rebalancing the muscles
  • Since liposuction of the abdomen is included, insulin requirements might be reduced and the severity of type 2 diabetes decreased in select patients

Some patients may desire liposuction along with abdominoplasty. The circumferential surgery is carried out for the patients with redundant skin throughout the mid sections. Liposuction at the same time is typically considered to be safe if care is taken not to affect the circulation. About tummy tuck ideal and unique procedure is carried out by abdominal plastic surgeon Dr Speron.

With this surgery you can

  • Keep your own lifestyles including a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Feel a slimmer belly
  • Look and feel healthier while improving self-confidence